About EYT Media Group

EYT Media Group stands as Western Pennsylvania’s premier publisher of hyperlocal news, targeting underserved communities in Clarion, Venango, and Jefferson counties.

Founded in 2010 by Jake and Joanne Bauer, we embarked on a mission to bring news to areas often overlooked by traditional media. Today, our network—exploreClarion, exploreVenango, exploreJefferson, explore814, exploreSports (previously D9 Sports), and CookForest.com—garners over 3,000,000 visits each month, a testament to our commitment to community-focused journalism.

Beyond our core areas, we’re reaching hearts in Pittsburgh, Erie, Philadelphia, New York City, and beyond—many of whom grew up in the area—bridging gaps in local news access and fostering informed communities.

Our engagement with our audience is not just through our articles; it’s a dialogue. With over 100,000 followers across our Facebook pages, social media is our lifeline to the community and our principal conduit for sharing stories, breaking news, and connecting with our readers. Our presence on Facebook demonstrates our pivotal role in the daily lives of our audience, making us the primary news outlet in our region.

We’re dedicated to being there when news happens. From structure fires to local sports, our team is often the first on the scene, delivering coverage in almost real-time through photos, videos, and live broadcasts. This commitment ensures that our communities are not just informed but engaged, experiencing events as they unfold, a rarity in communities underserved by traditional news outlets.

Our impact stretches beyond just reporting news; we’re a lifeline in a region where traditional news sources are dwindling. As newspapers retract and local coverage fades, we’re stepping in to fill the void, ensuring our communities have access to news that matters without reliance on national news fillers. Our all-local approach means our stories are not just news but the pulse of the community we serve.

Looking ahead, EYT Media Group is on the cusp of a new era. Our goal is simple: to be the primary news source in our region and to set a new standard for excellence in local journalism. We’re positioned to lead the way into the future, ensuring that our communities have access to news that is not just available, but indispensable.